Digital media has made accessibility of information efficient and flexible. Today, one can find what they are looking for from various website and Google in contrast to before where one would peruse several pages before tracing the information they are looking. Thanks to arrival of digital media which has also taken over the advertising and the news industry. Most of the people prefer accessing news from their devices rather than perusing the newspapers or watching the Television. 

This is quite favorable for the ever busy generation of today who have got no time to sit down and watch their T.Vs or reading their newspapers.

There are major media houses in Kenya that provide digital news websites. Some of these are used as a business subsidiary of the media and entertainment companies. Examples of such media houses in Kenya includes; Standard Group, Citizen Group, National Media Group and Radio Africa among others.

Below is a summary of the top news website in Kenya with their links attached;

  1. Kenya Moja

Kenya Moja is a hub for all TV channels and radios in Kenya that are displayed on one platform. You can watch live coverage from your preferred channel. The website also provides business news, sports and job vacancies. For more information follow the link

  1. Citizen News

This is subsidiary of Royal Media Services which is also composed of Citizen TV, Radio Hot 96, Radio Citizen and many other local radios. Citizen News publishes business news, lifestyle, and entertainment among others. For more information visit

  1. Nation News

Nation News is part of National Media Group which also owns NTV, Daily Nation Newspaper and Nation Radio. Visit their website for more details

  1. The Standard


This is owned by the Standard Media Group which consist of KTN Home, KTN News, KTN Burudani and The Standard Newspaper. For more information follow

  1. Bilichi

This website provides latest news from business sector to breaking news among others. The website also provides lists of top ten in Kenya & Best in Kenya and Africa.

For more information visit

  1. Capital News

This is a platform of Capital FM which owned by one of the wealthiest businessman in Kenya by the name Chris Kirubi. They also have an informative forum by the name #AskKirubi For more information, visit

  1. Tuko News

Tuko News was founded by Georgios Vlachou and it’s known for its large traffic. For information follow

  1. Business Daily Africa

Business Daily Africa is owned by the Nation Media Group and is an online version of Business daily newspaper that provides business news from Kenya to Africa and the whole world. For more information follow

  1. Kenya Daily Post

This website is popular for availing celebrity news and gossips. It is one of the oldest mews website and a large traffic. For more information visit

  1. Hapa Kenya

Hapa Kenya brings news from business to sports and the writer’s opinions on various matters. For more information visit

Other online websites and their websites links are listed below;

  1. Mpasho News –
  2. Ghafla –
  3. SDE News –
  4. The Star –
  5. Nairobi Wire –
  6. Kenya Buzz –
  7. Kenya Today –
  8. Infosasa –




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