In Kenya, the chances of getting a job are very minimal. Most youths in Kenya are jobless leading to rise in crime scenarios and others end up in jail. Entrepreneurship is the way to go regardless of the assumption and belief that one needs a huge amount of money to begin a business. With as low as 10,000 one can start a business. If you want to set up a business be prepared to pay store rent from Ksh 7000 to Ksh 12000 in Nairobi and acquire a single business permit from the County council offices to avoid harassment by the county officials, popularly known as “kanju”. Online market is quite lucrative and no permit required for posting of your items in the social media.
Some of the great business ideas you can begin with less than Ksh. 50,000 are;
1. Fresh Juice selling
Fresh juice blending can be the ideal idea not only because its profitable but because you are encouraging a healthy society. Unlike other carbonated drinks that research has shown have negative effects in our bodies, fresh juice makes your skin glow and healthier.
A blender goes for Ksh. 5000 or less and the packing containers not less than Ksh. 1000. You will require about Ksh 30,000.
2. Selling smokies and eggs
This is easy to set up, with less than Ksh. 10,000 you good to go. Smokies and eggs are most popular snacks consumed anytime. You can make as much profit as Ksh 10 from an egg and Ksh. 7 from a smokie depending on your supplier. You can combine the snack with the vegetable salad “kachumbari”. The best locations are near “matatu” stages, near supermarket and crowded places.
3. Selling handbags
You can take pictures of the bags and post them online as a way to market them and deliver to the customers. You can as well visit your clients around your neighborhood and colleges . With female products you can never go wrong. You can get brand new bags from Eastleigh at fair prices and second hand bags from Gikomba market.
4. Salon
A simple salon with blow dry equipments and a few hair products can serve as a good start. With less than Ksh. 50,000 you are good to go. In lucrative estates and in CBD you may need to have Ksh. 1,000,000 to set up a salon business.
5. Shoe shining
This industry will bring great profit during the rainy seasons. Most people want to go to the offices with good looking shoes. All you need is kiwi polish, a brush, a bucket, a piece of cloth and water. A newspaper will be an added advantage to keep your clients busy as you attend to them.
6. Barbershop
You can begin by offering the services to your clients by visiting them and letting them know the location of your shop. With less than Ksh. 20,000, you can set up a simple barbershop.
7. Printing and photocopying
This is the ideal business near schools, colleges, offices and busy places. You need a printer, photocopier and a ream of printing paper with about Ksh. 30,000.
8. Selling second hand clothes
Mitumba shops like Gikomba, Mutindwa, Toi Market got very attractive and affordable clothes that you can sell to your residents and busy towns. You can wash, keep and iron from the house. You can market the clothes in the social media and deliver to customers from within your area.
9. Ice cream and snacks
This is the ideal business during the hot seasons. It is appropriate business in major towns. It requires a capital of Ksh. 20,000 to Ksh. 70000. You can set the business near schools, shopping malls, supermarkets, busy roads and offices.
10. Poultry farming
With a small farm, you can begin with as little as 10 chicken and with as low as Ksh. 20,000.
Traditional chicken take six months to mature and are easy to rear while broilers take five weeks to mature. You can use Ksh. 50, 000 on broilers but eventually make Ksh. 20,000- 40,000 profits.

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