KRA Tax Compliance Certificate – How to acquire one

Tax Compliance Certificate is very essential in Kenya. Nowadays, Tax Compliance Certificate is a requirement by the employers who don’t want to hire individuals with pending taxes. This is a requirement when applying for the government tenders as well.

Every other company want to transact business with a tax debt free company with the Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA). The KRA clearance certificate is valid for a year.
For you to acquire the certificate you need to have :

KRA PIN of the directors and/or partners
A National identification card (ID)
Company’s KRA PIN (Limited companies)
Business registration forms for partnerships and sole proprietors.
Certificate of Incorporation (Limited Company)

The process of acquiring the certificate has been lessened with the introduction of itax. Unlike before when one had to get an application form from KRA offices to fill in the details which was tiresome, iTax is just a click away and you will be able to apply for your Tax Compliance Certificate online.
Once you have the requirements indicated above, the first thing you need to do is registering your KRA Pin to the iTax platform whereby you will receive a mail acknowledging receipt and also issue you with your pin and login credentials. With the login credentials received, you will log in to iTax portal and click the E-certificate option then the Tax Compliance tab. KRA iTax puts you in opposition to a reason you require the Tax compliance certificate application form. Give the reason for application and then submit your application form.
Tax Compliance Certificate takes about five working days and you can as well keep track of the certificate using the serial number indicated in the acknowledgement receipt.

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