Are you single? In a situation-ship? In a love triangle or dating someone who is not dating you? Worry no more, Jumia speed dating is here to save you!


Speed dating is an organized social activity whereby people seeking romantic relationships have a series of short conversations with potential partners in order to determine whether there is a mutual interest. Speed dating is an easy and convenient way to help single people in looking for a date and a life partner.
Jumia Kenya organized for a world’s Largest Speed Dating event that took place on February 09th from 3pm at KICC where more than 500 people participated. Love was in the air at the KICC on Saturday 9th as singletons from all over Nairobi came together for a record-setting speed dating event. Celebrities like Obinna and Betty Kyalo also took part in the successful event which was organized by online retail company Jumia.
This form of dating saves time and money. In one event, you can meet more than 10 singles which would not be manageable with other kind of dating. The other advantage of this kind of dating is that there are no embarrassing moments since there is no room to fake an excuse to leave the date if things are not going as planned.
How Speed Dating Works
The participants need to be creative with their conversations and make use of ice breakers to make the session interesting. They must make critical decisions within seconds concerning heart to heart matters. The participants use the information gained as analyses to help in choosing the life partner. The event is supposed to be a fun experience where the room ambiance is romantic.
How to Participate?

1. Must be between 21 – 35 years
2. Buy tickets on the Jumia App exclusively. Jumia Kenya indicates the dates and time the tickets are available and the ticket amount. For instance, for the previous event the tickets were available from the 4th February at 9:00 am at 1 bob.
3. Show up on the set day by Jumia. They indicate the venue of the date.

The set-up of the previous Jumia Kenya Speed Dating event
The beautiful set up of Jumia Kenya event took place at KICC Tsavo Ball Room. There were colorful love paintings on the ground from the gate leading to the event location. The event dress code was white for the ladies and black for men. It was therefore easy to identify those going for the event. Once the ticket validation took place, the participants proceeded to get a sticky note with their names on it. There came the photo booth which was followed by the bar. The event took place in two areas, the first room where participants mingled before transitioning to the main room where the actual speed dating took place.

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