Jamii Telcom is a mobile network data plan that uses advanced fibre optic technology and guarantees fast and reliable broad band service in Kenya. Jamii Telecom lines goes for Kes 100 and you can get them from Jamii Telecommunication Headquarters in Nairobi. Your phone must be 4G enabled and must support the JTL Network. How to top up Jamii Telcom lines is one of the frequently asked questions (FAQ).


This article will help you on how to top up your Jamii Telcom line.

  1. a) Self-Care platform/Faiba app

Go to or Android app

Self-Care will pick up your number and give you MPESA details


Enter Paybill 776611

Under Account number, enter XXXXX where XXXXX is your phone number

Under amount, enter the airtime amount

Press Ok/send.

  1. b) *140# Transferring airtime between Faiba4G customers

This method allows a Faiba4G customer to transfer the airtime to your line.

  1. c) Equitel, Equity Eazzy 24/7

Select My Money

Choose Send/Pay option

Select Account

Choose Paybill

Enter Business No. 776611

Under account No. , enter your Faiba4G number i.e 0747 xxx xxx

Enter Amount of Airtime

Confirm the Details

Enter your Equitel PIN

Press OK/done

  1. d) Purchase airtime at a Faiba Shop or partner shop

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