How to avoid being conned in Kenya

The number of con men in Nairobi and other major towns in Kenya are on the increase. They are always on the lookout for unsuspecting and easy to fool Kenyans to trick them out of any amount of cash, sometimes as low as 10 Kenya shillings.

These con-men and women fall into very many categories ranging from fake preachers to Career street conmen. The most important thing to note however, is that all con-men know how to identify and exploit their targets

The most notorious categories are:

Fake preachers

This group of con-men steal in the name of God. They take advantage of the fact that very few people can question a pastor also known as a ’man of God’ and therefore extort money from their followers. Their place of business can be either a permanent structure, a city street, recreational grounds, public transport (Matatu) or even a television Program. Read more about their tricks here.

Career street con-men.

These con men are usually masters of their game. They are confident, well informed, fearless and very smartly dressed. Just like other workers they dress up every morning to go to work. These guys will always role play as housing agents, employment agents, ATM support staff, job seekers etc. Read more about their tricks here.

Behind the scenes con-men

These will often use the media ,the internet and mobile phones to steal from their victims.Their tricks include funds appeals on print media ,fake promotions and more….

Another very common con game is one that’s ran for Fake promotions. This group do their research well to find out the genuine on going promotions. They then quickly coin similar slogans and start sending short messages and calling as many random numbers as possible. Their slogans often confuse some victims to believing that they are promotion winners. Other tricks by con men in this category include funds appeals on print media…Read more about their tricks here.

Fake beggars

This group focuses on people who look rich and generous. They range from people pretending to be sick, desperate ‘mothers with kids’ outside a supermarket, to those pretending to be from up country looking for bus to go back home. Read more about their tricks here.

Fake witch doctors (Waganga)

These have not only mastered their job, but they go ahead to advertise their services by placing posters on the streets. Read more about their tricks here.

Another category of people who easily steal from susceptible Kenyans include:

Pick pockets, street boys/girls, phone/hand bag snatchers



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  1. Also agribusiness people be very carefull of men who call n ask for some rare type of cereals & want them in tonnes.Some times you will look for them n deliver then u r told cheques not signed come tomorrow or cash will delay so come tomorrow Only to find they moved that night & you loose your money.Take care,another one is men calling looking for some rare seeds called seed marina used for cancer treatment & perfumes.Then you are told to get them in voi or kajiado,they are together seller n buyer you buy alot in Thousands or millions then they reject it n you cant return or they disappear.They share the money n the business of conning continues.A small seed you are told it goes for between 500-1000/-Mostly they arrange for meetings in hotels or restaurants.Be warned!!!

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