Netflix is a streaming company that has different plans for unlimited movies, documentaries, Television shows, games etc. on a very standard monthly fee.

You can watch Netflix from your smart T.V, smart phone, laptop, tablet or any other streaming device.

Netflix content is global. Netflix offer free thirty days subscription. There are 3 packages in total in Kenya costing US$7.99 which is Kes 814, US$9.99 which translates to Kes 1,018 and us$11.99 which translates to Kes 1,222 using the current exchange rates.
There are several options for Netflix payments in Kenya. Among the options, currently are usage of visa card, Nakumatt global card, MasterCard and PayPal. This is achievable if the users have a functional bank account and an active MasterCard or Visa Card. A MasterCard is preferred. The user will have to do the payments on monthly basis.

Netflix automatically will debit the user’s bank account on monthly basis. It is therefore recommended you cancel the subscription online if you want to opt out in order to stop Netflix from debiting your account.
Netflix sharing of password
Yes! It is possible to share a Netflix password. This paramount hack was considered way before the launch of Netflix Kenya. Netflix CEO, Mr. Money accorded that sharing of password does not affect their business neither does it affect the user’s bank account. This is considered as a family package. You can therefore share the login credentials and password with your people.

Netflix allows streaming of four videos from four different devices.

Netflix does not have laid down dos and don’ts of password sharing as at now but they recommend streaming in one location.

Top Netflix movies you should watch this season include;
1. Marvel’s Daredevil (2 seasons 26 episodes)
2. Orange is the New Black (5 seasons 65 episodes)
3. Stranger Things (2 seasons 17 episodes)
4. Master of None (2 seasons 20 episodes)
5. Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt (3 seasons 39 episodes)
6. Bojack Horseman (4 seasons 48 episodes)
7. Everything Sucks (1 season 10 episodes)
8. G.L.O.W. (1 season 10 episodes)
9. Godless (1 season 7 episodes)
10. Mindhunter (1 season 10 episodes)

For more information, visit Netflix Kenya contacts
Website: https://www.https://www.netflixhttps://www.


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