There are a few and simple hacks of importing products while in Kenya from ebay, Amazon, AliExpress or from any other website in the USA and get them delivered to you.

This article will guide you on how to import from these companies listed below.
Note that if you use the Kenyan companies listed below in the importation process, the companies will incur the cost on your behalf. You won’t pay for the custom duties or taxes; you will only be charged the shipping amount.

The Kenyan companies include; the Kentex Cargo, Savo Store, Kwaraha and Vitumob.

1. KenTex Cargo – The cost of shipping products from USA to Kenya including delivering to your door step including duty, taxes and fees is $15/KG.
• The first step involves contacting KenTex Cargo indicating your interest in buying a certain product online.
• On receiving your request, KenTex Cargo will send a quote through indicating the approximate cost and requesting the links of the products to avoid making mistakes.
• Once the items link is sent, KenTex Cargo customer service prepare a cost estimate quote which is emailed to the customer within an hour or less.
• KenTex notifies the customer immediately on receiving the package. The notification is done via WhatsApp or email.
• Once all the customer’s packages are received, KenTex consolidate and repackage the items for free to save the customer on shipping costs. KenTex also does inspection on request to confirm that what the customer ordered is correct.
Kentex Cargo strives to deliver the package in as little as 7 days.
Kentex Cargo contacts;
Telephone; 0706-778-885/0774-778-855/0774778-885
Visit their office at Corner House, M3 , Rm 1. Kimathi Street., Nairobi, Kenya.
For more details visit

2. Savo Store
Savo Store is a Kenyan company that can enables importation of products from the USA to Kenya. You won’t incur custom duties or tax charges when using Savo Stores. Only the shipping fee is incurred. Duration of Delivery is within 10 to 14 days. The Cost of Shipping is $15/KG just like KenTex Cargo.
How to Import Products using Savo Store from USA to Kenya.
• Visit their website and Register.
• On Registering you will see an arrow indicating Begin Shopping now.
• Note down the product name you want to buy e.g. Nokia 5 on the Item Name slot.
• Choose how many you want on the Quantity slot.
• On the Weblink slot, Paste the product URL.
• Indicate the Price of the product on the online shop and also indicate its weight on the More Information slot.
• Click Submit your Entry.
• Savo Store will then get in touch with you. The total amount you need to pay will be invoiced to you.
• Within 14 days, after Payment Delivery will be made.
Savo Store Contacts;
Phone Number: 0722 724741
Facebook: SavoStore

3. Use Kwaraha.
Kwaraha is also a Kenyan based shipping company that Charges Ksh 799 per Half a KG. For products less than 1/2 kg the price also reduce e.g. if the weight of the product is 100g the customer will pay ksh 160 as shipping fee.
Kwaraha ships products every Wednesday and delivers within 7 to10 days.
How to Import Products using Kwaraha from USA to Kenya.
• Use their number 0717 829 217 to send Product links
• Product details can as well be sent to

4. Use Vitumob .
• The first step is clicking the VituMob supported websites i.e.,,, etc.
• On choosing the products you are purchasing, add them to your shopping cart.
• Click on the VituMob button on your browser once you are ready to Checkout,.
Visit their Website for more information:

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