How to file KRA returns for kenyans living abroad

Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) requires that anyone who expects to earn any income from Kenya must have a PIN number. A PIN is a Personal Identification Number used while doing business with Kenya Revenue Authority, other Government agencies and service providers. This applies to both Residents and Non- residents.

Additionally every PIN holder is required to file their returns every year. In order to do this, one needs to follow the steps below :

The steps :

  1. Login to KRA itax portal using your PIN and password. Link : itax portal
  2. Once logged in,Click on Returns -> File Return
  3. Select Income Tax Non Resident under Tax Obligation
  4. you will be taken back to the earliest year you need to comply
  5. Upload the Dully Filled Returns File
  6. Go to My Receipts and check if you have associated penalties (ussually Kes 2000 for each year not filled) .

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