HOW TO APPLY FOR HUDUMA NUMBER plus Digital Data Capture Form download

The government recently launched the Huduma namba.The huduma number is a requirement for all Kenyans and any other foreigners residing in Kenya.

The Application Process

  1. Individual Fills in a hard copy.The hard copies are available for free at the registration stations and can also be downloaded via the following link :  Huduma-Namba-Registration-form
  2. A clerks feeds in the data to a registration kit and additionally captures your photo
  3. Hard copies are scanned
  4. Registration clerk captures finger prints (bio metric) data
  5. The clerk prepares and issues an acknowledgement slip and gives it to you alongside all your documents.

Note: The acknowledgement slip will be used to collect your Huduma Namba card once they are generated.

Information collected :

The following information will be collected from you during registration;

  • Bio data information
  • Nationality (Citizen, Foreigner, Dual Citizen)
  • Parent/ guardian details
  • Place of birth
  • Marital status
  • Education details
  • Employment status
  • Disability
  • Agricultural activities
  • Biometric details
  • Your Photo

Benefits of Huduma Number

  1. Huduma number will be used by the government to channel the national resources
  2. It will bring to an end the struggle of Kenyan Citizens carrying essential documents like Nation Identification card, Driving License and others everywhere.
  3. The data will help the government in planning and providing services like healthcare and welfare to the elderly.
  4. The process will also combat fraud in the nation since this will enable monitoring entry of terrorist in the country.

Requirements :

  1. NSSF Details  (hard copy or Number)
  2. NHIF Details  (hard copy or Number)
  3. Birth Certificate (hard copy or Number)
  4. National Identity Card
  5. KRA PIN details
  6. Your Parents’ details -The respective National Identity Numbers are required
  7. Spouse Details (up to 5 )

Mass registration deadline is on 16-May-2019

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