How to access mobile banking services in Kenya (short codes)

Mobile banking refers to simply accessing banking services from your mobile phone. Traditionally, banking services are available from a banking hall but this has since changed leading to much more convenience to customers.

Virtually every bank in Kenya today offers mobile banking services e.g. funds transfer, balance enquiry, loan request, Airtime request and utility bill payment via the customer’s registered phone number.

The number of services offered and the means of completing the service requests however differs for each financial institution. The most common means is via USSD and mobile phone applications.

The Cost structure for the service includes Mobile service provider charges for using the short code (USSD), Data charges while using the mobile App and bank charges upon request of a service

Here are the short codes to access mobile banking services for selected financial institutions in Kenya:

Bank Name Short Code Mobile App
Barclays Bank Kenya *224#
Housing Finance Company of Kenya *231#
Equity Bank *247# Eazzy 247
Consolidated Bank of Kenya *262#
Chase Bank Kenya *275# Mfukoni App
National Bank Kenya *625#
Jamii Bora Bank *344#
Family Bank *325# N/A
Diamond Trust Bank *382#. banking 24/7
I&M Bank *458#
Kenya Commercial Bank *522# KCB Mobi Bank app
Commercial Bank of Africa *654# CBA mobile banking
Cooperative Bank of Kenya *667# M-Co-op Cash
Standard Chartered Kenya *722#
Bank of Africa *987#
Ecobank Kenya Ecobank money
Imperial Bank Kenya Imperial Mobile


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  1. Thanks to this page, I have remembered the barclays code. By the way does one’s m-banking become inactive if not used for long?

  2. How can i do mbanking with my account in national bank while am outside and i want to check my balance and do movement in my account

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