How to access Buruburu estate from Nairobi cbd

Buruburu Estate is a middle class estate situated in the Eastlands approximately 7 Kilometers from the City Centre that consists of phases 1 to Phase 5.The buses that ply the Buruburu – town route are

number 23 and 58 .The Bus companies/saccos that have buses plying the route are; Kenya Bus Service (KBS), Double M, Citti Hoppa and Buruburu Travellers Sacco commonly referred to as “Nganyas” .

During peak hours, normally between 6.30a.m and 9.00 a.m the buses charge a maximum of Kshs. 70 and Kshs. 50 during off-peak hours.

To get to Buruburu from Nairobi Central Business District , you can board the KBS & Citti Hoppa buses at Ambassaduer stage , Double M buses are found at the junction between Ronald Ngala street and Tom Mboya street. ‘Nganyas’ are boarded opposite The National Archive or near Tuskys Imara Supermarket on Accra Road.

To get to Nairobi Central Business District from Buruburu, you can pick buses at Buruburu shopping Centre, at Naivas Supermarket, phase 5 stage, phase 4 stage, phase 3 stages, Mesora and various joints along Mumias South Road. You can also pick a bus at Mutindwa market along the Outer Ring Road. Most of these buses from this point are from Umoja Estate. The buses use Jogoo Road route to town or the East Leigh route. The destination is along Tom Mboya Street near the Rangers Eatery opposite Archives Building. You can as well alight at Tuskys Imara Supermarket.

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