Netflix and Showmax are two of the most popular online streaming options in Kenya today. The content library is however different. Netflix has thousands of older TV shows, a wide selection of movies, and its own originals.

Showmax doesn’t offer original movie and shows yet. Showmax biggest portion of their collection is of current season TV movies and shows. You can watch the latest episodes of HBO exclusives like The Young Pope and Game of Thrones in Showmax. Showmax is also a proud sole distributor of HBO content in Kenya as well.

The two platforms are available on a wide variety of devices to enable streaming to be much easier, and both allow the user to save content for offline viewing.


Monthly pricing

Showmax is quite cheaper when it comes to monthly pricing. For instance, Showmax premium plan goes for KSH. 800 while that of Netflix’s premium plan goes for KSH 1,200.


Free Trials

Both Showmax and Netflix offer free trial periods. Showmax’s free trial is 2 weeks while Netflix’s is 1 month.


Cheapest plan

The Showmax cheapest plan will cost you Ksh. 330 and the cheapest plan on Netflix will cost Ksh. 800.


Means of payment

You can make payments through M-pesa on Showmax which is quite convenient for most Kenyans. You can use credit or debit cards on Netflix.


HD streaming options and content

Both streaming platforms offer HD streaming options though Netflix has UHD (4K) streaming for its premium subscribers.
Showmax has a great selection of kids’ shows, exclusive HBO content and movies. It also offers a large catalogue of Kenyan content as opposed to Netflix.


Note that both platforms are exclusively amazing options but if you’re looking for you money value, Showmax is the best option. It has a huge content selection, cheap and you can stream all the Game of Thrones episodes.



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