Umoja Estate In Nairobi

Umoja is one of the residential areas in Nairobi Kenya which is found in the larger Nairobi Eastlands area off Outer Ring Road in Nairobi.

Umoja Estate began immediately after independence of Kenya in 1963. The estate was proceeded by Buruburu Estate in Nairobi which was used as the training grounds for the army of Kenya during the colonial period. Buruburu and Umoja Estate are dis-joined by Outer Ring Road and Mutindwa shopping Center. Sonko Road, which cuts across Mutindwa Market to Umoja opened up to connect the two estates. Umoja Estate in Nairobi is popular for its own Umoja Market in Nairobi that is located in Umoja I estate along Moi Drive. Umoja can be accessed from the Nairobi Central Business District (CBD) either through Jogoo Road and Outer Ring Road, or through Buruburu and the Sonko Road. The estate is served by matatus number 19, 35 and 60 from Umoinner, Utimo and Mwamba Travelers Sacco. From CBD, board bus at Ronald Ngala Street Mfangano street intersect opposite Naivas Supermarket. You can also board the City Shuttle buses from the famous Central Bus Station (B. S) which is situated on Temple Road between Mfangano Street and Uyoma Street. Taxis from the City Centre will charge you Sh1,500, but from the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport, you will part with about Sh2,500. To access Nairobi Central Business District (CBD) from Umoja Estate, one can board the buses from various points. From Umoja market, you can access the Umoinner and Utimo matatus at the junction just opposite Co-operative Bank Umoja Branch. This stage is mostly used by the residences of G, H, L and M sub-estates. There is minimal waiting time for the buses to depart due to the large population that uses this stage to town. There is also Stage C that is opposite the Umoja 1 Mosque just beside Peacock. Mostly, the buses pick the passengers here as they drive along. Along Moi Drive in Umoja Inner core, there is also ‘Kwa Chief’ Stage. Caltex Stage is along Outer Ring Road along Consolidated Bank Umoja Branch. One can also pick a matatu to town at Mutindwa Shopping Centre. Jeska Stage is mostly used by the Tena Estate residences that is off Manyanja Road. The driver can opt to use various routes to town as per the traffic updates. There are the Thika Road routes through Outer Ring Road, Buruburu East Leigh Routes and Jogoo Road. Jogoo Road is famous for its traffic especially during the rush hours. The matatus alights the passengers at the Central Bus Station and at the Ronald Ngala Street Mfangano street intersect opposite Naivas Supermarket on arrival to town. During peak hours, matatus charge Ksh. 80 and Ksh. 30 during off peak hours. A times they charge Kshs. 50 and during the rainy seasons, the fares hype to Kshs. 150/200. Umoinner matatus are famous for their loud music and high speed on the road. A friend who lives in Umoja told me that she opted for Umoinner when she was late for work since with no traffic she would get to town in 15 minutes. “In case of traffic, Umoinner has a way to maneuver around the traffic by using different routes to town, a times along Juja Road, Outer Ring Road to Thika Road or some Short cuts in Bahati and East Leigh routes. But if my parents visited I would go for Utimo or City Shuttle that have got no loud music and conducive speed for my old parents!” She exclaimed.

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