Umoja 1 Primary School swimming pool – Nairobi

Umoja 1 Primary swimming pool is one of the numerous public swimming pools established in Nairobi. The swimming pool began construction in November 2016 and was expected to be complete by March 2017. The pool was began operating in May 2017 and was open to the public on Saturday and Sunday and it was free of charge. The project was funded by Embakasi West Constituency Development Fund (CDF) led by the Embakasi MP Hon George Theuri.

The swimming pool was intended to host inter-school swimming competitions and is also a recreational establishment for the residents. “The swimming pool has been open to the public on weekends for the last three weeks. There are life guards on watch and we are grateful to the Kenya Swimming Enterprise for being able to volunteer five life guards who are always present during the sessions,” said Hon. Theuri.

The aforementioned amenity is located in Umoja 1 Estate, Embakasi Constituency at the compound of Umoja 1 Primary School behind Presbyterian Church of East Africa (PCEA) Umoja 1. The pool is located approximately 200 meters from Umoja Market opposite J Sub-estate junction along Moi Drive.

With the increased flow of people, the swimming pool charges were no longer free but Kshs. 50 per person. Today, the charges are Kshs. 100 for kids and Kshs. 150 for adults. The pool has a cafe by the side with snacks, foods and drinks. The snacks, foods and drinks are quite affordable. For instance, a plate of chips goes for Kshs. 70 and Kshs. 50 for a soda. Any sunny day, you can have your way to Umoja 1 primary Swimming pool. They have a trained coach who offers swimming classes for at least Kshs. 500 per session. It is open to the public!

The pool is open daily from 9 am to 5 pm. On Saturdays from 9:30 am, there is a Zumba dance workout for Kshs. 500 per session and Kshs. 1800 per month. Several events have been held at the premises including a reggae night. Swimming galas are also hosted here as well as dinners and birthday parties. You can hold a party at the amenity by booking the venue at least two weeks earlier. You will be charged at least Kshs. 5000 depending on the number of guests and hours spent at the amenity. You can order your food and drinks for your guests at reasonable prices from the swimming pool cafe or carry your own.
Umoja 1 swimming pool has unique images of the President Uhuru Kenyatta, the former Prime Minister Raila Odinga, Governor Mike Sonko and Embakasi West Constituency MP George Theuri drawn on the perimeter wall.

Swimming is not only an exciting sport; it is also a good way to exercise as well as an avenue of self development. For instance, there have been great strides made by members of Umoja Sharks Swimming Club. They recently held an in-house swimming competition and from the look of things, they are not far from brooding the next national champions at Umoja Primary Swimming Pool.

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