The International Criminal Court, ICC.

iccWhat the ICC?

ICC are abbreviations that stand for the International Criminal Court.This court is governed by the Rome Statute meaning that only the 120 states that have adopted the Rome Statute

Who established the ICC? 

The ICC was established through the adoption of Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court by the General Assembly of the United Nations.120 out of the 148 countries in the General assembly voted to adopt the statute. 7 out 148 countries rejected (voted against) the adoption, the 7 countries are: China, Iraq, Israel, Libya, Qatar, the United States, and Yemen.

When was the ICC established?

The court was established on 17 July 1998 but the Rome Statute entered into force on 1 July 2002 after ratification by 60 countries.

Where is the ICC located?

The court has got a permanent premises at The Hague in the Netherlands but court activities can take place at any other place as determined by the court.

Why was the court formed?

The court was formed to try persons accused of the most serious crimes of international concern.

To date the ICC has handled 21 cases in 9 situations .All the situations that are currently under investigations involve individuals from the Africa continent.

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