About Us

About Us

Mashariki Technologies is a registered company in Kenya. Our core business is provision of ICT Services among them Online marketing and web content development.


Web content development

We, on need basis, partner with independent and competent web content developers by allowing them to write and submit high quality, self-written content. The high level topics are predetermined by us.

How to start writing

You need to register as a content developer to be able to submit articles.


Type of Content

Topics to focus on shall be shared with the content developers/writers upon successful registration.


Content Approval

All content posted is reviewed within 48 hours of submission. After review, we reward you for the submitted content.

Only content that meets our minimum requirements gets rewarded.

Content Approval guidelines:

  •     Writers are encouraged to submit only Self-written content copying content from other the internet (plagiarism) is strictly forbidden.
  • Submission of copied content will lead to termination of our partnership.
    No reward shall be processed for content that is not approved.
  • Articles shall have a minimum of 350 and a maximum of 600 words.
  • Ensure that an article is about how to, services and amenities around a certain location etc.
  • Politics and news articles and sensitive content e.g. pornography is not acceptable.
  • Articles should contain clear steps for ‘how to’ articles and directions to the service/product provider.
  • No plagiarized materials from the internet.
  • Include the phrases (key words) that an internet user is likely to search to get to the article.
  • Always proof read to ensure that the articles contain no spelling or grammatical errors.

How Many Articles should i finish in a Month?

There is no restriction on the number of articles one can submit.


Registration fees?

Content developers willing to register and work with us are not charged any form of registration fees.

Reward and payment

Each approved article shall earn at an agreed rate (maximum of Ksh.200).Content with incorrect information and grammatical errors may earn none or lower amounts.

You will be paid when your balance reaches Ksh.1000.

Payments will be made through your preferred means whose options are a bank transfer/deposit to your bank accounts and M-Pesa



If you have any queries and or clarifications mail us at admin@masharikitechnologies.com


Approval of articles will be strictly based on the above rules.

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