Nairobi Security exchange (NSE) is one of the superior exchange in Africa. NSE is located in Kenya with its offices along 55 Westlands Road. The NSE motto is to provide a world class securities trading facility and its vision is to be a leading securities exchange in Africa, with a global reach. NSE was registered under the Societies Act in 1954 as a stockbrokers association on voluntary basis and was mandated to regulate trading processes and develop securities in the market.

Nairobi Stock Exchange (NSE) has eleven Board of Directors. The team is led by Samuel Kimani serving as the Chairman of the group. Mr. Kimani holds a BSC (Civil engineering) and an MBA both from the University of Nairobi. He is also the C.E.O of Jamii Bank(Jan 2019). The C.E.O of NSE is Geoffrey Odundo who is an accomplished Investment Banker. He has been in the financial services sector for the last 24 years.


Capital Markets Authority (CMA) in Kenya is mandated to provide listed securities a platform to trade smoothly at the Nairobi Stock Exchange. CMA regulated and licensed Nairobi Stock Exchange together with other capital markets in Kenya as well as overseeing the firms.

You can subscribe to the trading reports by visiting

. You will be required to give your name and email. You can as well check investor information and presentation in their website.


NSE has features and various tools that will facilitate the end user to get updates on the securities market. If you have a CDSC accounts or an interest in certain accounts you can be able to track the market. Follow the link to access the tools;


NSE provides the trading statistics from market capitalization, total share traded, equity turnover, total equity deals, I-Reit turnover and total I-Vent deals. You can track the market activity from daily gainers, losers and movers. You can as well check the equity statistics from agriculture products, banking to automobile and accessories and many others.

Stock Ownership of Nairobi Security Exchange is as follows;

Standard Chartered Kenya Nominees – 21.75%

CfC Stanbic Nominees Kenya Limited – 7.67%

Cabinet Secretary, Treasury of Kenya -3.37%

Investor Compensation Fund Board – 3.37%

Other – 63.84%

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