Location Of Umoja Market And Hairdos & Hair Repairs

Umoja market in Nairobi is famous for its many salons that focus on HAIRDOS and Hair repairs. There are over 100 salonists in the Umoja Market, averaging to at least 5 salonists per salon.

At Umoja Market, the hairdos take very short time since you got at least 2 people attending to you. The market has grown quite popular due to the short time hairdos and the skilled hair professionals. The market deals with the trending hairstyles in the industry, the weaves, Abuja and Ghanaian lines with the customer’s preferred styles, braids, twisting, dreadlocks, blow dry, curly cates, fancy lines, mobeto lines, several SPAs are also available.

The market is affordable for the middle class. However, their prices match their topnotch skills from Kshs 700 to Kshs. 5000 depending on the services offered as well. Umoja Market in Eastlands Nairobi is located beside Co-operative Bank Umoja Branch along Moi Drive in Umoja Estate. Umoja Market in Kenya is approximately 700 meters off Outer Ring Road in Nairobi.

To access Umoja market from Nairobi City Centre, board bus at Ronald Ngala Street Mfangano street intersect opposite Naivas Supermarket. You can also board the City Shuttle buses from the famous Central Bus Station (B. S) which is situated on Temple Road between Mfangano Street and Uyoma Street.The buses will charge you Kshs 80 at peak hours and Kshs 30/50 during off peak hours.

Taxis from the City Centre will charge you Sh1,500, but from the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport and its environs you will part with about Sh2,500. These buses to Umoja estate in Nairobi usually pass just past Umoja market in Nairobi and as such you can request the conductor to let you alight along Moi Drive in Nairobi.

By personal means, Umoja market can be accessed via Jogoo Road in Nairobi, into Buruburu phase four estate in Nairobi, to Outer Ring Road in Nairobi and finally to Umoja estate in Nairobi. People travel from far estates in Nairobi area to come have their hair made in the Nairobi salon stalls found in Umoja Market in Kenya.

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