How to buy tokens for your KPLC Prepaid Meter

The prepaid meters allow KPLC customers to purchase/pay for prepaid power. This means that one will pay for power before using it unlike the traditional approach where by the consumers receive a monthly power bill. Calculation of power usage and charges however, remains the same for both arrangements.

To Purchase a token from a vendor, one requires to know his 11-digit Meter ID card or Meter serial return the vendor should give you a 20-digit token printed on a receipt. One can check their meter number by dialing 100 and pressing enter on the prepaid meter.

To purchase via mobile money:



M-Pesa Pay bill:

  1. Enter the KPLC prepaid business number 888880 or 88888
  2. Enter the 11 digit Meter Number
  3. Enter amount between 250 and 35,000
  4. Enter M-Pesa Pin
  5. Confirm details and submit…
  6. SMS from M-Pesa confirming transaction
  7. SMS from KPLC with the 20-digit token

Airtel Money:

  1. Select Make payments then pay bill
  2. select KPLC PREPAID
  3. Enter amount
  4. Confirm details
  5. Enter Airtel Money Pin
  6. Under reference option enter the full KPLC prepaid 11 digit meter number.
  7. You will receive an SMS from Airtel confirming transaction
  8. You will receive an SMS from KPLC with the 20-digit token

Consumers can buy tokens from outlets including:

  • Kenya Power & Lighting Co. offices e.g. Thika, Sarit Centre, Stima Plaza and Electricity House
  • Uchumi Supermarkets including
    • Uchumi Capital Centre along Mombasa Road
    • Uchumi Ngong Hyper along Ngong Road
    • Uchumi – Lang’ata Road
    • Uchumi – Buru Buru
  • KPLC Agents e.g. Pata Power

For assistance or queries call 95551 or tweet @KenyaPower_Care

71 thoughts on “How to buy tokens for your KPLC Prepaid Meter

  1. My meter number is not an 11 digit…it has still new in the house and this 8 digit number is the one I see on the meter

    • check your meter number by dialing 100 and pressing enter on the prepaid meter or contact KPLC through telephone numbers: 0703 070 707, 0732 170 170, 0711 031 680, 020 3201 680, 0732 111 680

  2. I have not receiving token after sending money to my account via mpesha the messenge get from kplc say’s invalid account number tells me what’s wrong.a/c number 14240631722

  3. Hi..I. rented a shop in muchatha area this month.My meter reads error when i press 100.The caretaker told me i should key in 65.It works but when i purchased units via Mpesa,they didn’t register on the meter?I’m confused???

      • Hi I bought tokens worth 500 but have not gotten any text from kplc
        KJR23A0I8I Confirmed. Ksh500.00 sent to KPLC PREPAID for account 37171458559 on 27/10/16 at 11:36 AM . Pliz help

  4. When You buy tokens and you are told that the debt due is more than the amount tendered. and that the transaction is not allowed….what happens with the amount??? because i have sent money twice and i am told the same thing and my money has been taken on the two occasions

  5. Hi,
    Please help me get my token number which i bought yesterday via mpesa but until now i have not received my token.
    mtr No: 04214889745.

  6. Every time I try to buy tokens….I don’t know why since am doing everything correctly.
    Failed. The format of your account number was incorrect. Please try again with the correct account number.

  7. Bought tokens via mpesa on 28/10/2015 mpesa confirmed but am yet to get a message from kplc with the tokens. how long will it take for me to get a message with the tokens. mtr no. 14106594261

  8. Hi. i bought token from a vendor on 1st but the vendor’s machine did not produce a receipt we tried severally but still did not produce a receipt. i decide to go to another vendor and i bought token worth 500 i was given 31 units. is it possible for the fist vendor whom we tried buying with but her machine did not produce a receipt to reprint another receipt with the same details as for the second vendor? and if i the first vendors transaction went through why did she get a receipt?

    • Hi Jane, contact Kenya power contact centre on 95551 to confirm all the transactions on your meter number. You can also tweet them @kenyapower_care

  9. I bought tokens for kshs 500 today before 9am am yet to receive an sms confirming the same from KPLC . My meter no. Is 22 1202 4791 5 in Kisumu

  10. please let us know whats all these issues of wrong account during payment yet its the correct account. please indicate the exact error during the transaction but not beating about the bush of wrong account. it wastes alot of time.. KPLC >>>Just ;plike the mobile and bank accounts will let you where the error is

  11. Sent kshs 1,000 via mpesa to KPLC for a/c no. 04215982887 over 2 hrs ago. Havn’t yet received the token number. Can I know if there is a problem with the token system?

  12. …I have been using a prepaid meter no. 14240433319 for the past few months and when I tried to buy some tokens it . turned out that my meter is not activated. how could it be possible. Please solve this problem.

  13. I bought token for 250 on Saturday and it didn’t reflect anything,today in the morning i bought for 500 and its reflecting 0 units.
    Prepaid Mtr.01450562051

    • if you ask me KPLC has a way of stealing from customers, eg you buy tokens worth 500 using Mpesa they send you a reply telling you to add 540, you add another 550, and they still send you another sms tell you to add more money and all this time no explanation and no tokens are sent to you,,, so can any KPLC representative explain this if this is not robbery i have prove of that scenario,,, and now to safari com since Mpesa is your plat form what are you doing to help when we lose our money to this guys how do we get it back if no services offered

      • the same thing happened to me. after inquiring i was informed that my meter was not new but actually diverted from its originally intended owners or projects particularly those those that were intended for a test run somewhere in Nairobi when prepay meters first came. unfortunately the meter has been on “activated” status since then accumulating standing charges until it was given to you. you will have to pay the charges before everything goes back to normal. uligongwa my friend by your electric contractor

      • This is what I’ve experienced. I moved into a new house.. paid 1000 and told to add at least 4668, paid 5000 and told to add at least 468, paid 500 and received 0.9 units. Then I pay 2000 and receive 125.9 units
        How does this thing work? That’s a total of 8500 and its a residential house

      • This is what I’ve experienced. I moved into a new house.. paid 1000 and told to add at least 4668, paid 5000 and told to add at least 468, paid 500 and received 0.9 units. Then I pay 2000 and receive 125.9 units
        How does this thin work? That’s a total of 8500 and its a residential house. Meter number 14140932089

  14. I have bought token worth ksh 500 to meter no.14243470185 and I have not received feedback .pliz send the numbers

  15. Yesterday I paid Kplc token to 888880, to account No 14244633539 and got a reply that the account no is invalid, I rechecked my account no and confirmed its 14244633559, am not trying to call your support no and am kept on hold eventually my call dropped now twice after a very long hold,.. please help assist.

  16. I am pressing 804 on my token box to get my meter number but its only showing 8digits instead of 11 digits. What can be the problem?

  17. have just bought token worth 200 and it came back telling me my account number is invalid how will i get y money back. please assist

  18. Is it not theft last week I bought a token worth 270 n was credited 23 units bt today I tried ta same only 2 reflect tat it amounted to only 3.33 units

  19. Hi,please activate my meter 37182047508 and send me the tokens already charged via mpesa though no 20digits sms received

  20. Hi,i bought token worth 300 today via mpesa transaction code lcv81eza9c for a/c no 37182922551 and received a text from kplc that the token generation has failed and i should contact kplc.please help tel no is 0710445509 rajab.
    looking forward to your assistance.

  21. I paid kshs 100 for a/c no 37165589930 on 10-01-2018 & given 10.1 units but forgot & deleted the message before feeding in the system. Pls verify & resend the message having the said token digits.

  22. I bought tokens on 2 of may this month but now the meter anint picking the digits says reject or error account is 22119826588 waitig for response.Thanks

  23. I bought token for wrong meter number which is not even in use.This was trough do i get my money back.A v tried to call the call centre but they say the line is busy

  24. Hi I bought my token but now I can’t find my meter number even if I dial 100 and it’s only saying connection failed. Even when I put the token it’s still says the same

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