How to apply for a Business permit in Nairobi, process and charges

If you want to run a business in Nairobi City, a legit business for that matter you need to get a business permit from the county council offices.

Below are the guidelines on how to apply for the single business permit;

The following are the requirements before visiting the ward office;

  • Business physical address, P. O Box postal address of the business; local zone and business plot number.
  • Activity code of your business. You can get this from the county council offices, they have the codes for each business depending on the nature of the business.
  • Total area of your business premises in square meters.
  • Business operator personal Identification number and postal address, name and signature.


  1. Visit the ward office to obtain a BR – 1 form. The form will ask for your details highlighted above. Fill in the form leave it with the ward licensing officer.
  2. The licensing officers will pay a visit to your business premises to verify the information recorded on the BR – 1 Form.
  3. The information verified by the licensing officer will determine the fee charges for your business.
  4. The officer will stamp the BR – 1 Form and refer you to the main offices in City Hall.
  5. You will be assigned a unique business registration number prior to making payment.
  6. An invoice bill is generated and payment is done via cash office or online via Jambo pay
  7. On making payment from Jambo pay, your Single Business Permit is generated.

Charges and Cost

  • The licenses application fee is Ksh 200

License fees:

  • Supermarkets with over 100 employees and over 5001 square meters – Kshs 120,000 (Code 103)
  • Mega supermarkets/wholesalers from 51 – 100 employees/ 3001 – 5000 square meters – Ksh 80,000 (Code 104)
  • Large trader shop or retail service from 21 – 50 employees/ 301 – 1000 square meter/ prime location – Ksh 30,000 (Code 105)
  • Medium trader shop or retail service from 5 – 20 employees/ 50 – 100 square meter/ far location – Ksh 15,000 (Code 110)
  • Small trader shop or retail service up to 4 employees/ less than 50 square meter/ prime location – Ksh 5,000 (Code 115)
  • Light or temporary construction less than 50 square meters -Ksh 1000 (Code 120)
  • Other general merchant shop and retail service – Ksh 1000 (code No. 105)





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