Donholm Estate Eastlands Nairobi Kenya

Donholm Estate is a residential estate situated on Donholm Road off  Outer Ring Road and its part of Embakasi region in the Eastlands of Nairobi. Nairobi River borders the estate to the South, Kayole to the East, Outer Ring Road to the West and Umoja to the North. Doonholm’s name comes from a colonial Kenya land/plantation owner James Kerr Watson (3 October 1881-11 November 1955), who gave the name “Donholm” to his dairy farm in the area.

The estate comprises Savannah, Greenfields, Sunrise and Jacaranda sub-estates which are relatively newer developments in the 1990s. They mostly consist of two storey three bedroom  massionate of which most of them are owner occupied and go for a monthly rent of Ksh. 20000.

The estate is endowed with supermarkets, banks and other business facilities. There is Naivas Eastgate Supermarket on Outer Ring Road near Donholm roundabout, Tumaini Supermarket is on the Outer Ring Road near Donholm Caltex Petrol Station, Jaharis Supermarket near Donholm Caltex Petrol Station , Kamindi Selfridges Supermarket near Donholm Primary School and Rikana Super market near Donholm Primary School.

The estate boast Green Span Shopping Mall which is one of the few malls located in the larger Eastlands area of Nairobi City. The Green span shopping mall in Nairobi was open recently in 2012 and houses over ten brand shops in Eastlands part of Nairobi well known in Kenya and over. The four storey Green span shopping complex in Kenya is located in Donholm Estate in Nairobi. The Green span shopping mall supports all shoppers, gourmets and revelers in Kenya as it has boutiques, eateries and a pub..

The Green span shopping mall is accessible by public means from the Nairobi Central Business District through Jogoo Road and Outer Ring Roads. You can access Green span shopping mall by boarding matatu numbers 33 in Nairobi which ply the Embakasi route in Nairobi, and alighting at the Caltex Petrol Station in Nairobi. From Caltex petrol station, you can easily get a matatu getting into Donholm estate in Nairobi, straight to the Green span shopping mall. You could also pick matatu numbers 19/60 in Nairobi at the Muthurwa bus stage in Nairobi or OTC bus station in Nairobi that ply to Kayole estate in Nairobi. The public buses “matatus” picked from Nairobi City Centre drop passengers right at the Greenspan shopping mall in Donholm in Nairobi. By private means in Nairobi, it is easiest to follow Jogoo route in Nairobi, into Donholm estate in Nairobi via Caltex petrol.

The mall hosts Tuskys Supermarket which is one of the biggest Kenyan chain supermarkets. Multichoice Kenya, Agha Khan Hospital, Bata Shoe Companies have their branches in the mall too. Bank of Africa and Standard Chartered Banks are in the mall. Equity Bank and Family Bank are situated along the Outer Ring Road. There is Gertrude’s Garden Hospital and Prime Care Hospitals in the estate. The security is tight with the presence of Savannah Police Post and Embakasi Police Station.

The public means in the estate, popularly known as matatu are matatu number 34B and buses number 19/60. Fare charges are Ksh. 50 during the off peak hours and Ksh. 80 during the peak hours. Taxis charge from Ksh 700 to Ksh 1000 to Nairobi City Centre.

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