Charles New Methodist Church

Charles New Methodist Church was named after one of the first UMFC (United Methodist Free Churches) missionary who came to Kenya in 1863.

There was only Lavington United Methodist Church in Nairobi till 1963. Due to the increased rural- urban migration from Meru and Mombasa in the early 1963, the PCEA Martyrs Bahati welcomed the Methodist immigrant to a place of worship until in 1968 where the Methodists were able to construct a church in Jericho and moved there. The church has 3 pastors, one for the main church, the youth pastor and the teens and Sunday school pastor.

The Superintendent minister of Charles New Methodist is Rev. Simon Mutahi. His passion is to help individuals grow spiritually by bringing their passion through encouragement, motivation and helping them envision what they want to do. He delights in sharing the gospel in a simple and practicable way. The youth pastor is Rev. Patrick who has a calling in the youth ministry while the teens and Sunday school, we have a passionate lady by the name Rev. Susan Jackson. The church is in Nairobi Synod. Charles New Methodist is situated along Charles New Road opposite Lumumba Shopping Center.

The church is in Jericho Estate which is a neighborhood of Buruburu estate. From Nairobi City Centre, you can pick a bus to Buruburu areas near Tuskys Imara Supermarket on Accra Road in Nairobi Town in Kenya. There are also other buses to Buruburu in Nairobi located off Tom Mboya Street near the Rangers Eatery in Nairobi. Some opt for Embassava buses which are along Accra Road and alight at Mogas Petrol Station opposite Makadara Railway Station along Jogoo Road.

You can pick a bike at Kshs. 50 or walk from here using a short cut in the market which may not be safe. I will recommend you use the Jogoo primary School Road off Jogoo Road whereby you will turn at the junction which is approximately 200m away from the Jogoo Road leading to Lumumba Shopping Centre. The main service begins at 10a.m with intercessory prayers for both the main church, youth and teens church. There is a bible study at 9am at the old Sanctuary and the Youth Sanctuary with different topics. The services take approximately two hours. Charles New Methodist consist of very warm congregation who love visitors and make them feel at home. If you visit their website, you will find a very welcoming message for their visitors. The church encourages fellowship in small groups, we have the men, women and youth fellowship with their diverse programs and projects. Each group has their day of meeting during the week. The youths congregate at Tumaini House 7th Floor every Tuesday of the week. The church has divided the congregation into various zones as per their residences in order to encourage fellowship and accountability. Charles New has got amazing choirs, just to name a few, the church choir and the Glorious Choir with glorious voices! Looking for a place of worship? Your search has come to an end.

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