Best Second Hand Markets in Nairobi

This article guides Nairobians on a shoe- stringed budget on how to get fabulous clothes, shoes, bags and other second hand items at a very affordable price. With as little as sh. 1000 and with the right info, you can get unique outfits from international fashion brands at really cheap prices and change your entire wardrobe. Literally entire wardrobe! This sounds unbelievable, right? To most Nairobi dwellers living below a dollar-a-day, life is a daily struggle since they have so much to do with the little money they earn. But many still want to look their best for that special occasion like an interview, party, classes, wedding or even a date.

Below is a list of markets in the city known to offer nice clothes and shoes at affordable prices:

  1. Mutindwa Market.

Mutindwa market is situated between Buruburu and Umoja One Estate. One can find shoes and dresses ranging from Sh20 to Sh1, 500 here. You can get swimming costumes, shoes, bags, dresses, shoes and undies. If you want to look fabulous in the latest fashions without spending a fortune, this is the place to go.  The market has a section of groceries as well. Mutindwa open air market in Umoja One ward is being refurbished. The Stalls built along pedestrian footpaths were pulled down.  Mutindwa had been restructured and a road constructed to link Buruburu estate to Outering Road.

There was a time when this was the best place to get all second-hand things but due to structural development in Buruburu not much is sold.  It is a great place to get secondhand bags and shoes.

  1. Gikomba Market

Gikomba market stands out to be the largest and most famous clothes- flea market in Nairobi. The market is rich in vintage treasures and a labyrinth of narrow pathways, huge amounts of clothes and shouting vendors. It has everything: shoes, formal wear, party clothes, baby clothes or even household items such as comforters and curtains. It’s Located at Kamukunji road. If you are an early riser go on Saturday morning and get yourself a new wardrobe. When it’s rainy, it can be so muddy!

  1. Toi Market

You can get swimming costumes, shoes, bags, jewellery, dresses and undies here. If you want to look fabulous in the latest fashions without spending a fortune, this is the place to go. The market is located at Kibera in Upperhill and is famous for selling unique and affordable clothes. Previously, the market specialized with baby clothes but now it sells everything.

  1. Muthurwa Market

Muthurwa market is located in Nairobi Central Business District and sells all kinds of products including clothes and food. The market is noisy and busy.

  1. Nairobi Bus Station

The Bus Station is popularly known as B.S. Prices range from Sh 50 to Sh 500 for amazing brand-new items and second-hand clothes. The stalls are found in the heart of the station.

  1. Ngara Market

Ngara market is known for its trending quality clothes.  Just after Globe cinema roundabout opposite Fig tree is a long line of shops selling designer produts. Their prices are a bit higher but worth investing in them.

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