Best private hospitals are known to provide quality medical services and have expansively invested in the latest technology and medical equipment.

These hospitals have dedicated nursing teams with skilled care provision at intervals, conducive surroundings, making the patient and family relaxed and at peace. The hospitals are known to deal with treatment and diagnosis with immense ability and professionalism.

One will get acute medical and surgical services, rehabilitation, psychological state, provision of emergency care, palliative care, oncology, and other diverse services. These amenities are not affordable to everyone, you must cough a good amount of money to access their services. If you are lucky enough to have a good employer who has acquired the best insurance for their employers, then I will recommend the following private hospitals in Nairobi with their physical locations and telephone numbers.

1. Aga Khan University Hospital Nairobi
Aga Khan University Hospital Nairobi is located on 3rd Parklands Avenue/ Limuru and is known to be the best amenity with medicine and surgery.
Telephone number: 0711092000, 0722204146, and 020 3740000, 020 374 2531,
Email address:
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2. Nairobi Hospital
Nairobi Hospital is known to offer treatment services, diagnostic and has a referral center and is located along Argwings Kodhek Rd.
Telephone number: 0703 082 000 – 0730 666000
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3. M P Shah
M P Shah Hospital is located along Shiva chi road parklands and is one of the best hospitals in Kenya. The hospital is known as a multi super-specialty.
Telephone number: 020 3742763-7
E mail address:
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4. Mater Hospital
Mater Hospital is known for its quality medical services and is located along South B Dunga Road.
Telephone number: 0722 828629, 020558179, and 0734 418971020531197/9, 020 536572/7, 0724 531199,
Email address:
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5. Avenue Hospital
Avenue Hospital is under Sisters of Mercy. The amenity is located at S Parklands avenue
Telephone numbers: 020 3742907, 3744554, 3745570, 374230, 3741521, 3749108, and 0722 854221
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6. The Karen Hospital
The Karen Hospital is located along Langata – Karen Road
Tel: 020 6613000, 882606, and 0726 222001-3, 0736200 001-3
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