Activities and sports that makes you more intelligent

Research show that there are certain activities and sports that makes you more intelligent if you keep doing them. These activities are popularly referred to as hobbies and they stimulate our minds to work in a smarter way.
These activities include;
1. Reading books regularly
Reading does not only make you intelligent but also knowledgeable, improves your concentration and memory skills. It also improves your memory intelligence by evoking emotions as you go through the pages. Reading also reduces stress and informs you about many subjects.
2. Playing musical instruments
Research indicates that music stimulates your brain and has the power to evoke emotional and psychological states as well as increasing the memory capacity. Confucius remarked that music gives pleasure to the soul.
Playing music requires patience and perseverance as you learn. You also need to co-ordinate eye-hand concentration which improves the motor skill and sharpens concentration.
3. Meditating often
Meditation enables you to have time for yourself, know your true self and help reduce stress. You can learn, think and plan effectively on meditation.
Regular meditation helps you to be in full control of yourself noting any distraction and effective methods of self control which improves emotional intelligence.
4. Working out your brain
Regular brain workout makes your brain be in good shape and frequent challenge to your brain with new things improves your thinking ability and makes you sharper. You can work out your brain through sudoku, puzzles, board games, and riddles. This makes you approach situations in a creative way.
5. Writing down
Write down anything you want, it could be your feelings, your opinion on something!
Writing increases your level of intelligence, improves linguistic abilities and skills like imagination, focus, creativity and comprehension. It helps to clearly express yourself..
6. Physical exercise
Regular exercises reduce stress and its good for your body and brain. It promotes the flow of blood, keeps the neural cells alive and working at maximum capacity.
7. Cooking something new
Regular cooking especially on new foods boosts your creativity. It also makes you creative, able to make quick decisions and measuring precision of the spices and ingredients. You increase your attention to details and concentration as well.
8. Participating in sports
Sports are good for your brain and body. It makes you think faster, boost confidence and able to think faster.
9. Learning a new language
Learning a new language is not easy. You have to memorize new phrases which improve your brain. It also helps you to plan, make decisions and solve problems faster.
10. Travelling to new places
Travelling rids stress and boredom and increases your intelligence level. You are able to learn new things as well.

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